Heroism: Rebound

Yesterday marked a moment in the writing of Hero that will go down in Hero History.

Because yesterday, I wrote the 30th page. After ripping out 30 pages of my heart’s tears and somehow managing to continue writing anyway, I’ve succeeded. I’ve overcome the beast. I wrote back up to where I’d written before.

And actually, wrote a page more. HA!



Well, now I’m dealing with another problem. I’m not really sure what in the world is supposed to happen next. But I’ll figure it out at some point.

My current bad habit is considering how the reader will respond. I’m pretty sure there will be at least one withering glare involved.

It was a nice surprise to count what I’ve written and realize that in the past few weeks of torturous and seemingly-pointless scribbling, I’d beaten the beast without even knowing it. Now I know that I can fight whatever comes my way. Come, Writer’s Block! I shall vanquish you!

Actually, please, no. Go away, Writer’s Block. GIVE ME A STINKIN’ BREAK.


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