Writing for Writings By Ender

Recently Austin from Writings By Ender wrote a post asking for guest fiction writers. I had just the story in mind- something I’d scribbled down a while ago that needed some dusting off. So I pulled my short story out of the archive and gave it a once-over, sending it off to Austin with my fingers crossed.

Sure enough, he accepted my story and posted it just today. Take a look here and read it for yourself!

This short story, titled Alice, was an exercise of sorts for me. I prefer to write in third-person past tense, but sometimes writing in other forms can be helpful to shake things up and get the blood moving.

I went with the recently popular first-person present tense, and ended with a piece that’s different than what I normally write, but I’m pleased with how it turned out. Read it at Writings By Ender and tell me what you think- I would love some feedback.

Don’t forget to check back on the 10th for the release of my next fanfiction.


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  1. Katie, I love the way you wrote this – you caught the attention of the reader and held it to the surprising end of your story.


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