Heroism: Breakdown

I didn’t think it would be like this.


When I first started writing in Hero, I logged it right alongside all my other unfinished stories, with the hopes that maybe- just maybe- this would turn into something more.

And it did, which is amazing. After I got past the beginning I realized this wasn’t like the other stories I just started scribbling down. This had depth and importance to me. So I settled into the feeling of knowing I would finish a book- the only variable was ‘when’, not ‘if’.


I’ve never gotten this far into a book. And now I’ve reached a point I don’t recognize. I’m in the middle of the Writing Ocean and I don’t have a compass; I’m lost in the Writing Desert and I don’t have a map.

It’s not Writer’s Block. Not the block that I’ve experienced before, at least. I’m slogging, like I’m in quicksand and I can’t get free. I expected to be past this point now, but I wasn’t planning on the mud. So now I have to re-schedule.


I don’t know if maybe I’ve put my book on too high of a pedestal. Maybe I’ve made myself afraid of writing something wrong, so I’m not writing at all. I need to pull myself together and Just Do It.


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  1. You can do it! I know you can! Love you!


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