Cinematic Appreciation 1: Captain America- The First Avenger

Yes, there is a 1 in the title of this post. That’s because I can’t appreciate something like cinema in one measly post, so this will have to be broken up into… oh, I don’t know. Seven hundred million posts? That’ll probably be enough.

I love movies. They are a combination of every art form- visual and audible, textures and colors and singing and talking and everything beautiful. So I thought I would take some time to fully appreciate the films that capture my heart the most. I’ll score each film on several different levels-

CGI (Computer Generated Images, or basically special effects): 0 being terrible and 10 being phenomenal.

COSTUMING AND MAKEUP (speaks for itself): 0 being inaccurate and 10 being perfect.

SCREENPLAY (script): 0 being filled with plot holes and 10 being flawless.

CASTING (even extras!): 0 being meh and 10 being EVEN THE PERSON ON THE SIDEWALK WAS IN CHARACTER!!!

MUSIC (soundtrack): 0 being a detraction from the film and 10 being an advantage.

And, finally, OVERALL FEELS (my fangirling emotions): 0 being none and 10 being I-can’t-breathe.

And we’ll start with one of my all-time favorites:

Captain America: The First Avenger


Starring Chris Evans, Hayley Atwell, Sebastian Stan, and Hugo Weaving

CGI: 7 out of 10


Why 7? There are select times in the film when it’s obvious they’re standing in front of green screen, or that fire wasn’t actually there. But the majority of the time it is not a distraction from the film.



Why 10? Since this is pretty much my favorite film ever, I don’t have very many problems with it. And Costuming and Makeup is one area where this is true- the costumes are not only correct to the era (plus the science fiction twist, of course) but they portray the right balance of military stiffness and the unpredictability of war. Also, they did a very nice job with the Red Skull’s mask and underlying red skin (or… lack thereof).


SCREENPLAY: 10 out of 10

Why 10? Once again, this is my favorite movie. But one reason I gave the screenplay 10 is because even after watching it so many times, I’m still intrigued by the story. There are details I have yet to catch. And also, after watching it so many times, there are no mistakes I’ve caught on to that pull me out of the film.

CASTING: 9 out of 10


Why 9? Because every Major Character is well-developed and relatable, and every minor character is purposeful. I always have an eye on the background extras, which is why this isn’t a 10. There are times when, if you pay too much attention to the background, you’ll remember this is just a movie and get pulled out of the story.

MUSIC: 10 out of 10


Obviously I’m biased.

Why 10? The scoring on this film is beautiful. It captures the atmosphere of the 1940’s, and compliments each individual emotion as the story progresses. Cap’s theme is a brassy, soaring tune that evokes heroism and self-sacrifice. (Pardon me while I stop crying.) The score of this film definitely assists the story along, and does not hinder it in any way.

OVERALL FEELS: 20481023572985729387592873597987235 out of 10


 Why that enormous number? DO YOU REALLY NEED TO ASK?!?!?! In the words of fangirls everywhere, ASDFGHJKL. When I realized that ‘asdfghjkl’ was just the middle row of the keyboard straight across, my life changed. I can now express, to some extent, my incomprehensible and uncontainable emotions that spill forth from my eyes and break my heart into a million tiny pieces.

This was the very first Marvel movie I ever watched, and it set the bar pretty high (which is why Thor was such a disappointment- but, I’ve grown to like that guy now). Captain America will always be special to me because it’s SO AMAZING.

I must cease from rambling for the next 500 hours.

Thus concludes the first Cinematic Appreciation.


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