Ten More Things I’m Dying Over

A few months back I posted Ten Things I’m Dying Over, and I have come to the realization that I’m not dying over the same things anymore. Well- there are a few things I’m still dying over (#civilwar), but here’s Ten More:

  1. J.J. Abrams. I’ve been dying over his directing since I first watched Star Trek (2009).jj-abrams-star-trek-3-director.jpg
  2. Pringles. I pretty much always want Pringles.
  3. The Martian, released on DVD and now I’m dead.
  4. Ship-ship-shippety-shipping all sorts of fictional pairs. *sigh* (Thor and Lady Sif like a boss, people.)
  5. Haircut: my new and easy-breezy a-line bob.IMG_2991.jpg
  6. Backstory. I’m loving it like a fish loves the ocean.
  7. DISNEYLAND… not that I’m going. I’m dying to go, and dying over how amazing it is, and altogether being very dead even though I’m alive.awesome-disneyland-high-quality-wallpaper-download-disneyland-images-free.jpg
  8. The Young Victoria soundtrack. Why can I not buy you in America?!?
  9. Justin Bieber. Did I just say that out loud? I might die of embarrassment, but I’ll do so listening to Been You.
  10. Matt Damon as Humpty-Dumpty in his high school play.9bf19d8ff0993d86ebb5ef2028bc8c22.jpg

I’m so dead now I can’t even move on with my life.


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