Heroism: Challenges

CHALLENGE ONE: Writing by hand is an incredibly difficult mind exercise for me. My brain goes about four times faster than my fingers, so by the time I’ve written down one of the sentences I wanted to say, I’ve forgotten the next three things I wanted to come after that.

CHALLENGE TWO: “They punched, they kicked, they were awesome. If you want to know what it looked like watch a Marvel movie and insert their fight moves into this scene.” Unfortunately, I have to write my own fight sequences, and seeing as I would rather bake cookies than learn karate, that is a difficult thing. The following post, however, came to me in a time of need:

“As I visualise the scene, I over-think my descriptions. I have the desire for the readers to see exactly what I am seeing. I focus on all of the little insignificant movements that, really, do not add anything to the fight. Instead, I need to focus on the sensory information and leave the nitty-gritty mechanics (except for the main blows causing injury or death) to the reader’s own imagination.”

Source: How To Write a Great Fight Scene

CHALLENGE THREE: Pulling out 30 pages was more challenging than I expected. Not the actual act of ripping out pieces of paper, but mentally taking my characters 30 pages back in time- that’s turning out to be quite the fight.


So I’m punching through and trying to ignore the fact that most of my writing is probably about as good as the label of a shampoo bottle.

CHALLENGE FOUR: Strapping myself down and actually writing. That’s the hardest one.


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