The Circle of Seasonal Creativity

When your story gives you lemons, don’t make lemonade. Take that lemon and be grateful that your story is bearing fruit at all. Be glad you don’t just have a dead plant, for goodness’ sakes. Today we’ll be discussing…


Ah, yes. The Circle of Seasonal Creativity. You’ve got to realize that even when your story isn’t giving you lemons or any fruit at all, that doesn’t mean your roots are dead. It could just be winter- which is what we shall discuss first:


Winter metaphorically comes and frosts your story, and your creative mind begins to suffer Stage 1 Hypothermia. Your only hope is to push past this block, but wait! If you push too hard, you’ll uproot the plant completely, and then all hope will be lost. Let your plant hibernate. Just wait, because soon…


Spring is in the air. You can sense that it’s coming, but the blossoms aren’t out yet. You’re starting to move those stiff limbs. Things are looking up, and before you know it…


Oh, Happiness! That time of perfection has finally arrived! Take up your pencils and a whole ream of paper, because this season never lasts long. The Bouquet of Creativity is blooming in all its beautiful glory, and the Bouquet of Productivity (though admittedly more practical) is at your side. Hurry, now, and don’t delay! Write as much as you possibly can because if you don’t then-


Too late. That ‘perfect temperature’ turned on you and turned up the heat. You start to wither. You wish for at least one iced drink, or at least a few seconds with the refrigerator door open. Your mind is deteriorating quickly.

Don’t be too hasty to wish for cold, because all too soon, Winter will return, and your creativity will hibernate.

The Cycle Continues.

Embrace each season. But remember when the weather becomes just right, don’t hesitate. Write.



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  1. I love reading your blog!


  2. This is fantastically accurate.


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