Heroism: The Good News is…

I have written about half a page!

I HAVE OVERCOME!!! The first word is always the hardest.

The thing is, I still don’t know how to cross the bridge. Right now my characters are sort of metaphorically dancing around the edge of the cliff but not building the bridge at all. They’re considering jumping the gap and seeing if they can make it, but we both know they can’t. And we know that if they do jump, the next few pages I write will make no sense at all because no one will believe that they could jump from one place to another so quickly and so painlessly. Especially when the two places are so far away.

End metaphor.

Sorry. I did sort of a tailspin there.

The thing is, I’m happy that I was able to get started again. It’s such a good feeling to write. I’ve been writing in Hero for almost two years, and the knowledge that I’ve really invested my time doing something like this is huge for me. I’m not a big “projects” person. If something takes more than three hours, more than likely I won’t do it. So strapping myself in for a years-long writing project is not only unusual but a challenge for me. But I’ve done it.

At least, I’m doing it. Or, I’m trying to do it. But as it stands, there’s half a page more of Hero than there was yesterday, so progress, no matter how small, has been made.


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  1. I’m proud of you!


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