Heroism: Big Bad Wattpad

I’ve taken to calling Hero the Big Bad Monster, because it is being a monster and I’ve been struggling with the story. So, it’s big and bad and a monster.

I need to let it breathe- let myself breathe. But I don’t want to stop writing. At the end of the semester, when I felt so out of the loop, I got out my clipboard and a stack of lined paper and just wrote. I found an interesting prompt of Pinterest and went for it. What I ended up writing was seven pages of junk, but it got me back in the game. I don’t plan on ever finishing that story- I just needed a jumpstart, a recharge, a puzzle. And I got it.


So, I’m going back to the jumpstarter stories and writing The Side Effects- those stories on the side that don’t have to be huge, complicated, detailed novels written in three parts. They don’t need four hundred pages of plotline. They’re an exercise, like jumping jacks. They loosen up those Writing Tensions in the back of your mind.


I’m using the handy-dandy Mr. Wattpad to do this. You can find my profile here.

Coming Soon:


The Tadashoney Ship is going down.



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