My Tastes Keep Getting More Expensive

A week ago, I wanted a Ford Mustang.



That lasted a long time- I had wanted a ‘stang for, like, a year. Then I wanted an Audi… for the sole reason that Tony Stark drives one.


Of course, this was all wishing anyway. I didn’t have twenty-five thousand dollars for a car, and I didn’t have a hundred thousand either.

But a hundred seems like a steal after my latest dream…


The fantastic, three hundred thousand dollar Lamborghini’s.

I could have a whole gallery of pictures here but… I’ll not.

What next?! My tastes are getting more and more exorbitant by the hour. I’ll be broke before I even make a purchase.

But, you know. I can dream.


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  1. Keep dreaming! 🙂 Love you!


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