The Most Important Christmas Movies

When the temperature starts dropping and snow accumulates on every semi-flat surface in the region, you know it’s time to cuddle up in a blanket and watch those nostalgic moving pictures that bring Christmas cheer and festive emotions straight to your heart. There are some movies, of course, that are required each year. Things like :

Holiday Inn (1942)


or White Christmas (1954)


But the one that’s most important is this baby:


Iron Man 3.


I’m dying. Pepper is a super. What?! Tony is actually standing up and not being a jerk in this movie. The suits- oh, the suits. All 42 of them. Beautiful. And Gary? Gary is really important. As is Savin. Seriously.


Definitely the best Christmas movie ever. Admittedly, it’s probably not the most mainstream Christmas movie- but hey, my annual Thanksgiving movie is Spider-Man. I’m not exactly… mainstream. Ever.

What are your traditional Christmas movies?



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