Thankful Thursday 13

I know this is a little obscure, but yesterday we were at the craft store and I fell in love with some of the most adorable boxes.

So today, I’m thankful for boxes. There are many different kinds of boxes:
These are the cuties I saw at the craft store. I wanted them so badly, but I have no need for them. If I did buy them, I would have to fill them with things, and since I don’t have things that need a place to go, I would have to get new things to fill them with.


Boxes like this, all packaged and wrapped neatly under the tree… that’s one of the most nostalgic sights to ever see. (Not to mention, as I write this I’m listening to Michael Bublé.)

20130131104836_27in-imac-2012-1.jpgHere’s to the most gorgeous box ever made. Sitting here at my iMac, typing this post, I smile to remember of the day I unpackaged it from it’s “pretty little white box” (anyone listen to Mac Daddy?)

I’m thankful for boxes. Can you imagine life without them? Transportation of anything would be nearly impossible. Therefore, I am thankful for them.


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