Ten Things I’m Dying Over

  1. The Civil War Trailer. I just can’t.
  2. Michael Giacchino. Specifically “As the Jurassic World Turns” and… well, everything else he’s ever done.
  3. CHRISTMASTIME!!! The smell of pine, the glow of lights, the sparkle of snow… *sigh*.
  4. The End of School Approacheth. I cannot tell you how excited I am for the semester to be over.
  5. Daft Punk writing the soundtrack for Tron Legacy. WHO IS THE GENIUS WHO THOUGHT UP THIS IDEA?!?! Tell me that I may send him a million dollars for his brilliance.
  6. The Civil War Trailer. Oh, did I already say that?images.jpg
  7. The Rise of My Writing Ability. I was able to write some fantastic backstory while I was on vacation and I’ve started to discover my MC’s greatest wants and fears and motives. It feels amazing to be writing again.
  8. Elsa fan art. Sure, I’m sick of hearing Let it Go sung by every six year old ever but seriously:6c0846292157ae1301452ddc5c98abac.jpgIT’S BEAUTIFUL.
  9. Inside Out. Pixar, I had almost lost hope for you. I thought perhaps you had finally reached the end of your creativity. But you’ve done it again.

Surpisingly, I’m not dead, though I’m dying over so many things. What about you?



Add yours →

  1. I am sooooo glad you are still alive!


  2. Why don’t you give Elsa a balloon?


  3. Because she will let it go!


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