Thankful Thursday 11

Today I’m thankful for something similar to what I was thankful for on Thankful Thursday 5. In fact, to directly quote myself, here’s what I said:

So, what am I thankful for? Drawings? Pencils? Paper?

I went with pencils. Today I’m going with drawings. And here are my favorites.

Inside Out copy 2

Joy, Disgust, and Sadness are my newest accomplishments. It took me half the morning to draw them.


Gogo Tomago and Wasabi are from last year, but I’m still swelling with pride at my own work. They took forever to draw, but here they are in all their splendor.

You may be wondering why all of these drawings are of animated characters. Or, you may not. But I’m going to tell you the answer anyway. Animated characters being as they are- that is, being drawn in the first place- are a million times easier to copy than a real person. I can capture the essence of an animated figure relatively simply, whereas a real person is… IMPOSSIBLE.

That’s why.

Regardless of any challenges that may arise, I will continue to draw, and be thankful for it.


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  1. I love seeing your drawings!


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