Thankful Thursday 10

Well, I warned you that Thankful Thursday would be more like Thankful Bi-Monthly, and here is the truth of that statement.

But I’m back, and I’m here, and I’m still thankful. And here’s why.



Oh, friends. With college invading my life, I haven’t been able to spend as much time with my friends. Of course, they haven’t either since they’re also at college. But those years we had before college were so life-altering in the best way possible. I am who I am today because of my friends. I’ve grown spiritually, intellectually, and literally. My wall is covered with posters from performances I’ve been in because they put on shows. My entire desk is a testament to my friends- story notes, letters from fictional characters, and drawings of ice cream and blue hair and Disney characters. I never would have seen Real Steel if it weren’t for my besties. I would have written over 500 pages less if my friends hadn’t introduced me to the Letter-Writing Game. Actually, for those of you who know how important Hero is to me…

That wouldn’t be here either. Hero was inspired by seven of my closest friends.

So much laughter, so many tears. So many experiences that changed me. So many inside jokes and bowls of popcorn and late nights (read: early mornings) and drawing. Lots of drawing. Lots of dull pencils.


Today, I’m thankful for my friends. Every day, actually, I’m thankful for my friends. But today I’ve told you why.


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