Thankful Thursday 9

Oh, boy. Today’s a double whammy.

I’ve already been thankful for both the things I’m thankful for today, but hey! There’s not a limit on how thankful you can be, and anyway- these are slightly more specific.

Music. Beautiful, beautiful music. There’s only about four hundred million albums I want to buy, but today that number became…. uh, three hundred ninety-nine million nine thousand nine hundred and ninety nine. Or something like that. Did you know Amazon has a $5 album section? And that most of it’s worthless, but that today there is a special little gem in there that I snatched up….


Yes, it’s only the MP3, but we were just listening to it on YouTube anyway. Normally I hate buying things just digital, but sometimes being half the price equals a compromise. You can get it here if you feel so inclined.

Books. Can I just say that again? Books. Right now, I’m reading a book that some of you may have heard of recently because recently it was made into a blockbuster film that is amazing.

the-martian-cover 9781101903582

Yes, I’m reading this bad boy. And yes, I like the original cover better. And yes, I saw the movie twice in theaters.

Note: This is not a book I could have read a year ago. It’s got a substantial amount of language, so I wouldn’t suggest you pick this up unless you’re willing to overlook that.

Thankful Thursdays
Thankful Thursdays


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