The Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Nothing Done


It keeps me busy, alright, but it keeps me from doing a lot of things that I want to do. Mainly, write in Hero.

My To-Do lists always looks quite similar, and somewhere near the top there is always written Write in Hero. Ah, yes. That task which is never quite finished. That task that is infuriating and yet fulfilling at the same time.

You’d think since I have so many free hours that I’d still be able to squeeze in some writing here and there, but I’ve come to the conclusion that brain gets worn out on Homework, and pretty much needs a 10-day beach retreat before getting back to business.

I have drawn up the following diagram to illustrate.

brain diagram

I’m a creative type, believe it or not. It only takes me about four hundred million minutes to focus on a task, especially a detailed task like Writing in Hero. If I’m interrupted, it takes twice as long to refocus. If I’m preoccupied- well, you might as well interrupt me, because I’m not getting anything done anyway. And if you don’t interrupt me I might accidentally kill off an important character. It’s happened before.

Therefore, by the end of a weekend, approximately four hours before Monday crushes all my hopes and dreams, I have reached the Pinnacle of Opportune Time for Creative Flow, and I must at this time write furiously or else risk losing all my Creative Abilities.

But, you know, when it’s getting kind of late, and when it’s a Sunday evening, I normally end up watching a movie and going to bed.


But never fear! That’s not actually the end. Because sometimes, when I reach the bottom of the Homework Stack, I find my To-Do List and get busy scratching off that all-important task: Write in Hero.



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  1. I missed reading your blog last week! Love you!


  2. This is just dripping with accuracy… Great post 🙂


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