First Act

Acting is not for the faint of heart. Either you get paid a million dollars like RDJ and are loved by the world or you pay a hundred dollars to be in the chorus of the local theatre group. Life is unfair, people.


Theatre people are the weirdest, loudest, craziest people ever- which is why they’re the best. An average theatre group can be found laying on the floor reading homework in the middle of class, pretending to kill each other in slow motion, singing Broadway and trying vainly to harmonize, or bear crawling across the stage during someone else’s monologue (yes, all of these are true stories from my own life).


Every production brings forth a host of new inside jokes (“Look out the window, there it goes.”, for example.) Every musical equips us with a handful of new songs to burst out in when everyone least expects it. Every theatre game is tucked back in our mind, so when someone else calls it by a different name (Samurai or Karate? Atmospheres or Emotions?) we can get confused… or defensive.

An actor must never be afraid to make a fool of himself.” – Harvey Cocks

We are crazy. But we love it.


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  1. 🙂 I can’t resist!


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