Thankful Thursday 4

Books are what I live and breathe. Not literally, obviously- but just about.


Life without books would be dismal and dreary- hardly worth living. It would pale, boring, listless. It would be-


Oh, the agony!

Fortunately, life is not without books. Life is filled with books, and my life is especially filled with books because I’m taking a writing class with over 1000 pages to read in one semester. Really, I should be reading right now. But I had to take a moment to say how much I love books, even though at the moment, I’d rather not have so much reading to do.

My favorite books are worth mentioning, so I shall mention them here:

The Wilderking Trilogy, in which Jonathan Rogers weaves a spell-binding allegory of David set in another world that captured my attention so much, this book has stayed my favorite for over three years (which, for me, is a long time).

The Ascendance Trilogy, in which Jennifer Nielsen immediately endeared me to the characters and brought to life in me the great desire to act in the film adaptations of the books (which they’re actually making). This really is a trilogy though the link, for some unknown reason, only shows the first two.

Wars of the Realm series that painfully only has the first two released at this point. I am in AGONY!!! You cannot leave me in such suspense!! But these books, unlike the others, are set in modern day and are what I like to call “Bordering-On-Sci-Fi” books. They are extremely intriguing.

The Quartet by Lois Lowry- starting with the well-known book The Giver and ending with Son. Since The Giver stands alone in my mind, I always say Son is my favorite of the series, and The Giver is my favorite by itself.

Saying I’m thankful for books is an understatement. I am overflowing with gratitude, speechless at the wonder of it all, incapable of putting into words my pleasure at the diversion- to put it simply: I am thankful for books.

Thankful Thursdays
Thankful Thursdays

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