Heroism: The Scholar’s Excuse


Surprise, surprise. After a long and inspiring stretch of writing madness and furious progress, I have hit…


Writer’s Block, that is, and it’s not entirely my fault. You see, as a Proud Homeschooler of Eleven Years, I am not experienced in getting things done while also going to school. But that’s what I’m doing- the school part, at least.

I shall quote Mike Wazowski in this time: “I’m officially a COLLEGE STUDENT!!!!”


I’m only taking a few classes, and I have such pretty notebooks!! But so far none of this ‘school’ has encouraged me in any way to write in Hero. In fact, it has made me think something along the lines of “AHHH!!!! I DON’T HAVE TIME TO WRITE IN HERO!!!! ARE YOU CRAZY?!!? I HAVE TO DO HOMEWORK FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE!!!!”

Or something like that.

But the good news is, I have a whole bunch of supportive friends who will help me to keep going.

It’ll just be a long walk around the Block.


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  1. Love you!


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