Heroism: Love at First Fight

I have something against electric pencil sharpeners, so it takes me a while to actually get my soft-leaded pencils sharpened to the perfect cutting-edge sharpness. But that actually gives me time to think.

Today, I have done more pencil-sharpening than writing. In fact- that’s all I’ve done. I haven’t written at all, but I have sharpened my pencils. They are very short.

I guess you could say I’m fighting off Writer’s Block, but it’s kind of like the common cold- you don’t know where it came from or how to get rid of it, but you certainly have it. So, armed with a metaphorical box of Kleenex and really short pencils, I’ll persevere.


I love my characters. I love developing them as individual people, and letting them flower into someone who you can imagine actually existing in this world. But sometimes they can be downright ornery! I’ve got the Big Pink Eraser, though, so that gives me the upper hand over their stubbornness. Yet they still have a card up their sleeve- the silent treatment. When they stop talking to me, I am at a loss. What’s even worse is when they stop talking to each other. Then the book really goes nowhere.

But I’m determined to beat them into shape. With a soft-leaded pencil.



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  1. Sorry you have writer’s block! But you have two boxes of brand new pencils! 🙂 Love you!


  2. Did you ever get that block moved out of the way? Or does it always come back? Love you!


  3. I’m walking pretty slow around the block… but I’ll get past it at some point.


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