Thankful Thursday 2

It doesn’t get much better than a four-hour long playlist and a slice of cake.

Today, though, I’m thankful for the music- though, I would love a piece of cake, too.

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 8.21.45 AM

This picture here depicts iTunes whenever I maximized the screen. For some strange reason all the covers disappeared (literally all- I do not allow an album to go without a cover at any time) and all that was left was those music notes.

But that’s a pretty good picture, actually. I love music. One of my favorite composers- Harry Gregson-Williams- is actually doing the soundtrack for The Martian this fall. Everything about The Martian looks absolutely fantastic to me, apart from the name being quite misleading (my friend told me she thought it was going to be about a little green man). It has tons of my favorite actors, a fantastic composer, a great storyline- you couldn’t ask for more, could you?

I could go on.

John Powell (How To Train Your Dragon 1&2) is probably my favorite composer, but only for a certain style of music. When it comes to superheroes and emotional turmoil, I turn to Henry Jackman (Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Big Hero 6).

One of my favorite things about new movies (apart from the movie itself, which I normally love) is that they always come with a new soundtrack. I’m a soundtrack kind of girl. That’s pretty much all I listen to.

When it comes to the non-soundtrack music, I prefer techno. Lecrae, Capital Kings, Tobymac, Beckah Shae, Owl City- even a little Eiffel 65 sometimes. And if you’re interested in the up-and-coming, check out Matthew Parker.

So, yes- I am extremely thankful for music.

Thankful Thursdays
Thankful Thursdays



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  1. I like most of your music most of the time, too! 🙂 Love you!


  2. Can’t wait to see The Martian!


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