Heroism: Writing Update

From this point forward, a Heroism is a word that means Book Update. Not just because it’s a cool word- though, it is a cool word. The working title of my latest literary work is Hero. Therefore, a Heroism pertains to this work of fiction and the thoughts of its author.

Right now, everything in Hero is completely boring because I’ve read it four hundred billion times and I’m editing. Editing started out pretty fun and exciting, but by the end of… oh, page one I guess, the fun wore off. Today, though, something encouraging happened. I’ve worked my way up to Page 96, and as I read, I started laughing. “Wow!” I thought. “I wrote this? This is great!”

I laugh at many things in my own writing. Normally it’s not because I was trying to write something humorous, but because I was trying to write something serious and a mistake slips in.

“Just a small cat,” Edric said.

Hero is a big part of my life, and the first full-length novel I’ve ever attempted, so whether I’m clambering over Writer’s Block, stuck in editing, or soaring through a new notebook with massively wonderful ideas-

Let the Heroisms commence.


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  1. I can’t wait to finish reading Hero! And I like your “new” word! Love you!


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